Awaken With Joy

* Awaken With Joy ~ Re-Member Your Authentic Self * “Your Fairy Godmother Is Alive and Well”

“Your Fairy Godmother Is Alive and Well” There was a part of me that knew she was here to be a “Fairy Godmother.” My desire was to be able to sprinkle fairy dust all over the world to dissolve suffering. It began at a very early age. I could not understand why everyone around me wasn’t happy. Why weren’t they seeing the magic and beauty in life? I did, so why didn’t they? From the time I was about 8 until my early 30’s, I did feel like a “stranger in a strange land.” As the years progressed I got lost in the world’s values and forgot about my dreams and desires to help people in that unique way. The search for truth began in my mid 30’s and it is ongoing. It has been quite the journey and I am blessed by God’s wisdom and love daily. The only thing that gets in the way is me, my ego self. Knowing that gives me the option to make different choices based on inner guidance and the soul’s knowing. Now I am able to freely share that Fairy Godmother joy and incorporate with it what God has revealed to me. That was my dream all along and it has come true. I am excited and delighted to share it with you!